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Oct 9, 2001
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Apr 2, 2016
    1. Big Al
      Big Al

      I'm a moderator and I check this site a few times a week for spam and other things. I'll review the forum and make any corrections- thanks!
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    2. horseyman
      Hi Big Al. R u a moderator on this web site? The penis enlargement forum was spammed with products that have nothing to do with this forum. Best regards, horsey.
    3. Big Al
      Big Al
      IvyLeague8- You're welcome :)
    4. IvyLeague8
      Thanks for getting back to me so quick yesterday Al, getting pumped to start up my plan and hear what you have to say about my questionnaire.
    5. Big Al
      Big Al
    6. gss
      i am a new member and i have been using the andropenis gold extender from 15/05/12 till now(9/06/12) .the first day when i started using was algud... but when the time to put the extender on for eight hours have started,,,it is been painful and the erections are getting worst and i have not seen any noticible gains..What is the reason behind this? Am i not using it properly or am i using it too long putting pressure on my penis..any help..
    7. Big Al
      Big Al

      As long as you're able to achieve a degree of erection and your doc says that you can engage in light exercise and sexual activities, then you should be OK to train PE.
    8. TonyManku
      I am in my 70s and I am a diabetic and have had a heart surgery 12 years ago. My diabetee is controlled by insulin and I would like to enlarge my penis length and grith. Is there any harm if I start Penis Enlargement plan ?
    9. Big Al
      Big Al
      I've been a registered member since 2001
    10. Wantabig1
      Thanks Big Al!! How long have you been a member?
    11. Big Al
      Big Al

      Which 2 programs are you referring to? Please PM me the details.
    12. Dal
      Hi, Im a recent member to the Betterman forum. After watching some of the vids you posted I went into a link that is a PE program page. My question is, is that program the same as the premium membership offered here at betterman? Looks like the price is similar, besides that whats the difference between the two? I'm interested in purchasing one of those 2 programs asap. Thanks.
    13. Big Al
      Big Al
      He hasn't posted anything objectionable here. If you see something out of sorts, please let me know.
    14. CUSP82
      Hey Al, remember that guy Johnno over at pe gym that was escorted out for spam? Well he's here in case you haven't noticed!
    15. Big Al
      Big Al
      The payment issue has been corrected- please try it again.
    16. Big Al
      Big Al
      I'll get this looked into ASAP.
    17. newnumber2
      I got the email about renewing my membership, clicked the link in it, but when I got the page where there's one button for and I click the button, I get an error message. Is it just 'down' at the moment, or what?
    18. Big Al
      Big Al

      Your PM should have come with different sized rods(?)

      You can try using it after a stretching session to see if it fits but you should be flaccid. Another solution would be for you to continue doing manual stretches until you're long enough to fit in the device comfortably.
    19. Arthur_w
      Hi Big Al

      Im a premium member, so i wanted to PM you for some of the couching advice.

      Just started this week with the starter workout. But i wanted to start using the Penimaster but unfortunatly im not big enought on the soft to use it.

      I did use it after the jelq workout and because i was 70% i was able to put it on but then i had to try and keep the flow of blood for 10mins. Is this benifical or a waste of time. Also are there any smaller rods which have the spring on them that i could purchase.

      many thanks
    20. Big Al
      Big Al
      They had a few database errors that should be fixed now. I'll get an account set up for you.
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