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    Q: Will I have to keep subscribing and purchasing any additional tools?

    A: Not unless you want to. The goal of the BetterMan Plan is to educate you about penis enlargement and sexual health matters as thoroughly as possible. You should eventually get to the point to where you won’t need any consultation services, although we’ll always be here if you have any questions. You may want to continue purchasing expendable products like Enlargel.

    Q: What about those other programs out there on the Internet that claim to deal in natural penis enlargement, and what about "enlargement" pills?

    A: Unless you want to waste your money and your time, avoid these types of sites at all costs:
    -Natural "enlargement" programs out there (including several "medically backed" sites) claiming to be based on "ancient techniques" or some other esoteric principle. A waste of money and time.

    -Any site that comes "Recommended #1" by some unknown authority. Want to know who they're really recommended by? If you were to do a DNS look up the owner(s) of those unknown authority "expert" sites, You'd find that most of them are actually owned by the same people who own the sites that they are recommending!

    -Sites bragging about their "hundreds of exercises". Let's clear something up here. Those sites try to make up for their lack of quality information by offering you a large quantity of ineffective, unproven, and possibly dangerous exercises. Why would anyone want or need "hundreds of exercises"? If you want to enlarge and strengthen your penis without wasting your time, you'll need exercises Planned out in easy to follow routines that have been proven to WORK!

    -Pills that claim enlargement WITHOUT exercises. The main ingredient in most of those pills is "Maca" and/or Yohimbe, which has mild Viagra-like effects. Viagra and Cialis are the most potent erectors on the market today, but the companies that make them don't claim any enlargement effects. Why? Because by itself, no pill can actually enlarge your penis! Think about it for a moment. Bodybuilders often use supplements to help gain muscle, but have you ever heard of a bodybuilder getting bigger muscles by only taking supplements and not exercising? Of course not! Pills, like Viagra, can make you harder, but used by themselves, they can’t make you bigger. If you’re looking for Real Permanent penis enlargement, Stay Away from companies claiming that their pills will do the job by themselves - it’s a waste of money.
    Real penis enlargement can ONLY be accomplished by using sound and proven scientific principles, like those found in BETTERMAN PLAN EVERY technique in BETTERMAN PLAN has been tested and proven to work time and time again.

    Q: How do I know if the BetterMan Plan will work for ME?

    A: This program is the result of over 24 YEARS of combined research. We have brought together only the very best techniques for penis enlargement and have already met with great success. We're so confident in our program that we guarantee your satisfaction!

    Q: Is this program really recommended by DOCTORS?

    A: Yes! We actually have several doctors and medical professionals as clients, and they will answer any questions you may have! You can read an actual medical evaluation of our program HERE.

    Q: How soon will I see results?

    A: You'll notice an immediate temporary difference in size from your first workout. Most men see measureable PERMANENT results within the first 2 to 3 weeks on the program.

    Q: How long do these PE exercises take to perform?

    A: A beginner will exercise anywhere between 6-10 minutes a day 3 times per week. Advanced trainees can work up to 5 days a week of exercising, but the length of the workouts don't increase by much. The BETTERMAN Plan relies on brief, intense workouts to maximize penis size and time efficiency while preventing injury.

    Q: Are the results permanent?

    A: Yes! Once you'd reached your desired goals, the gains are yours to keep forever. The gains are kept through a process known as "cementing". This processed is discussed in detail in the member's area.

    Q: Does this program work for circumcised/uncircumcised penises?

    A:It doesn't matter whether your penis is circumcised or not... the program will work for any penis.

    Q: Is your email list confidential?

    A: ABSOLUTELY! We never sell our mailing lists. Your email address (and other pertinent information) will be kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL!

    Q: What are the payment options?

    A: We accept credit cards and checks, and you can pay online, by phone or through the mail.

    Click Here for joining information.

    Remember to include a valid email address along with your payment when paying through the mail.

    Q: Are there any hazards or dangers with the program?

    A: No. Our techniques are perfectly safe. As long as you follow our instructions and make sure to contact our resident expert with any questions that you may have, you won't have to worry about anything.

    Q: Will I have to buy anything else to see results?

    A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! Our program has everything you'll ever need for your natural enlargement, strengthening, and sexual health needs!

    Q: I still have more questions! Who may I contact?

    A: If you have ANY further questions, contact Big Al.