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    Hello everyone,

    I've been PE'ing for 61 workouts following JonPop's routine exactly except using the power jelq instead of the wet jelques. My gains are .5 inches in BPEL and .4 inches in girth for

    BPEL 6"
    EL Girth 4.25"

    The new workout I am starting on monday consists of zero stretching while only V jelque'ing and Power Jelque'ing for a morning session and a night session before I sleep.

    I am primarily interested with girth gains and recall BETTERMAN's Post that one should concentrate on only girth or length gains for a 6 months period of time.

    The routine will be 5 min's of V Jelques followed by 8 min of P Jelques from all different angles for 3 sets each, for 1 morning session and 1 night time session. I will measure my gains and report after 50 more workouts.

    All comments or suggestions are really appreciated. Can't wait to start on Monday. Good luck all......
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    Since I have extremely early hours. I'm using my extender for 2 hours in the morning, followed by a girth workout then off to work I go. As for routine's there is "no plan for everyone routine". Just use different exercises that suit you.:wink: